Red Persian Rug Satin Ribbon 1 1/2 inch



Red Persian Rug  Satin Ribbon 1 1/2 inch –  Add an elegant tasteful finishing touch to a gift with Persian Rug ribbon… A photo of an antique red Persian Rug woven many years ago by master weaver Saber, in Mashhad. The city of Mashhad is a well known and long time  centers for production of famous Persian carpets. This style of rug,  features a medallion set on a floral background with a scalloped edge.

  • Shown here is 1.5″, 2 yard spool in Satin finish
  • Choose from satin or grosgrain
  • Material: Single faced satin with a silky smooth texture on one side
  • Choice of two widths – 1.5” or 3”
  • Sold in 2 yard, 6 yard and 10 yard spools
  • Full color custom printing on single side

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