About Me




My Inspiration:

Art is neither an object nor an occupation, but an expression of the soul of the artist. My inspiration comes from nature, from tiny wildflowers to sweeping landscapes. Since I was a child, I have collected things in nature that inspire me. There is a box  of treasured objects that I keep on a windowsill: It is filled with things such as an abandoned paper wasp nest and a dead carpenter bee. An array of ‘pretty rocks’ sits on a windowsill. My soul finds expression in photography and digital art. What I see around me becomes part of my soul. I want the walls of my heart to be decorated with beauty.

My Process:

I love photography and editing my photos to perfection, but I also find great joy in creating new art with my photographs.  For me, a photograph is the beginning of a creative journey. I enjoy editing my own photos, sometimes I make use of public domain photos. Using a wide variety of editing software tools, I adjust my photos to my creative idea of perfection. My styles range from realism to abstract to graphic effects. But  I don’t limit myself to  photography.  I like to experiment with all sorts of art  to express what inspires me at that moment.  I often use graphic filters to make nature inspired patterns for home decor, and enjoy creating graphic illustrations for kids.

My Products:

After I  make art,  I love creating  the products (especially products for the home.)  Making the wall art, t-shirts, throw pillows, birthday cards, phone cases and more makes me happy.  But SusanEileenEvans is not about showing off my stuff…  It is giving you the tools so you can express yourself.  Have a look around, and if you find something you like, and  consider buying it as a way of expressing yourself.  You can use many of my designs to give as a gift, or add your own special touch to make a personalized gift for someone special …  make it uniquely YOU.